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New web form ready for launch

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The testing of our new web-form is complete: it is ready for roll-out for our websites.

Within the last couple of weeks, Google updated it site speed algorithm, which calculates how well a website is configured for optimal site speed. We have been working hard keeping our websites as fast as possible: last fall, Google made it clear that site speed is going to be an important factor in Google's search ranking algorithm. As a result of our efforts, our websites obtained a site speed of 80 to 95 on average.

Over the last few months Google has been sending signals that the speed at which web pages are rendered would be an important factor in its secret and almighty algorithm that decides how websites are ranked.

The rivalry between web browsers to woo customers with the best online experience recently got even fiercer. In the last 18 months Mozilla Firefox, the long time runner­­-up to Internet Explorer, faced serious competition from Opera and Chrome. Both of these browsers gained the reputation for being ultra-fast, yet sturdy.

budgeting_meetingHave you made the decision to have a professional website built and reap the benefits of a powerful Internet marketing program for your business.

Is it expensive? How much can I expect to pay? It always depends on business goals. In any case, your website plays an increasingly important role  in marketing your business.

When creating your business website there are many tempting shortcuts.You can use an off-the-shelf template. The downside is that a template will never be able to represent the true personality of your business.