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There must be careful considerations before you set out to have your business website built.There is an overwhelmingly wide range of choices and technical solutions available from various vendors.

  • Should I have my own IT expert create a solution?
  • Should I contract an Internet marketing company or a marketing agency?
  • Should I try to do it all on my own?

To answer these questions, it's important to first define your specific business goals. Your website, an integral part of your business and your marketing strategy, can serve several different functions.It could serve as a direct response advertising tool or as a brand builder.

New Website Launch - TrainingFX

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

trfx_portfTrainingFX is a two phase web development project. We have certainly been very excited about the project, as Internet marketing is key to TrainingFX's business strategy.

According to the owner, investing in the Internet is the best way to go about executing the growth objectives of TrainingFX.

In phase one, which was the re-design and development of an old WordPress site, we created a new, glitzy and sharp on-line image for TrainingFX.

princeton_portfPrinceton Castle Resort has been an exciting and challenging web development project for several reasons.

Our team managed the project entirely by remote communication. We had never met the client until we traveled to Princeton for the final client training and the project launch.

The development time of the website was very tight in order to get the site ready before the main season starts. Also, we had to counterbalance the lack of quality photos by creating rich graphic design for the website.

ecommerce_woman_smallBased on the 2009 retail numbers, Forrester Research posted a five year forecast for e-commerce growth. The numbers are reflecting US retail data, but market trends South of the border are viewed as a fairly accurate in terms of predicting what is happening here in Canada and Vancouver BC.

Online sales are steadily chipping sales volume away from offline stores. Currently, online sales represent about 7% of total retail sales volume.

laptop_cardAlec Brownstein was a burnt out copywriter desperate to get away from his boring job and to do what he considered to be genuine creative work.

He sent out his resume and credentials to all of the leading creative agencies but failed to get an interview. But desperate times call for desperate measures.

Brownstein came up with an ingenious idea for connecting to North America's top creative directors. He collected the names for the most prominent agencies and placed a Pay-Per-Click ad for each of them.