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cloudcomputing2Google held Atmosphere 2010, on April 12 at Google HQ in Mountain View, California. Based on the significant media attention this event received, along with the interviews and newsworthy presentations, it will likely be one of the highlights of the web community in 2010.

It was a rare occasion for Google executives to publicly spell out the company's long term vision for how the Internet is developing and the role Google wishes to play in its' development.

Refreshed Google Search Screen

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Google just keeps getting better! Now there's a comprehensive new refreshment for the search screen which has taken effect worldwide.

Overall, the new design has a friendlier feel and provides a more intuitive navigation to the search options displayed on the left-side panel.

How do you conduct a Google search in Persian, Russian, or Thai if your keyboard is standard English? And how can you Google a non-English search term if you don't have a non English keyboard? It's super easy!

Visitors demand fresh, informative and well presented content on your website.

Your ability to easily access, edit and regularly refresh the content of your business website is essential to attract as many visitors as possible.