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Website Editor - Content Management System

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Visitors demand fresh, informative and well presented content on your website.

Your ability to easily access, edit and regularly refresh the content of your business website is essential to attract as many visitors as possible.

cms_big However, meeting that expectation, without a simple and easy to use Content Management System, would be very extremely difficult.

Plenty of fresh content on your website is crucial to the success of your web marketing program because it enables your site to be ranked well by the search engines. Whether your visitors like your site and whether your site is ranked well with search engines can make a meaningful difference to your bottom line in the thousands, ten thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Advantages of a modern website CMS

  • Robust and easy access for website administrators to edit and refresh content - as easily as editing a Word or PowerPoint document
  • WYSIWYG editor: What You See Is What You Get; instantly see the result of your editing before publishing it
  • Ability to employ and integrate a wide variety of modules and functionalities such as photo gallery, YouTube videos, Google map, Shopping Cart or Community Forum will help you provide a more positive user experience for your visitors and ensure a higher conversion rate
  • Can be edited by several people at the same time
  • Shortens website production time: the development of a website would require significantly more development hours without a CMS
  • Powerful tool for developers to create website copy and content that is easily accessible for search engines
  • Standard security updates

Current content management systems are powerful tools in the hand of the business owners

The technology behind the Internet is evolving at a whirlwind speed. Nevertheless, it wasn't until a couple of years ago that the first versions of the modern content management software came out.

Photo Gallery, shopping cart, own blog, documentation management and plenty of content are now readily available at an affordable price. In the recent past, only large corporations were able to afford to pay armies of programmers for their websites.

At eMarketing Vancouver, we are proud to provide an unbeatably robust, flexible and efficient CMS solution. It ultimately helps our clients tremendously- small and medium sized companies in the Greater Vancouver area, to gain significant competitive advantages and to effectively promote their services and products, locally, nationally and globally.

Contact Exquison Marketing today to discuss the most effective CMS for your website.