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Google Apps News: Atmosphere 2010: Into the Cloud

Monday, May 17, 2010

cloudcomputing2Google held Atmosphere 2010, on April 12 at Google HQ in Mountain View, California. Based on the significant media attention this event received, along with the interviews and newsworthy presentations, it will likely be one of the highlights of the web community in 2010.

It was a rare occasion for Google executives to publicly spell out the company's long term vision for how the Internet is developing and the role Google wishes to play in its' development.

Overall, Google's ambition lies in cloud computing: hence the name of the event. Their great aspiration is to become the information company of the web. And they believe that the web and "cloud computing" – where software runs on remote web servers, versus personal computers or company servers - is going to be the dominant form of computing- for work, entertainment, advertising or home-based application.

The Google Applications product platform is one of the main initiatives of Google that is meant to support the vision for cloud computing. The Apps platform is now a collection of web based collaboration tools that are packaged together for different types of organizations. The backbone of the product suite are the Google Docs, Google Mail and Google Calendar, which are freely accessible to anyone.

The Premium addition of Google Applications, which provides special features for larger enterprises, are available for a reasonable monthly fee. Google has been continuously adding newer, more interesting, valuable features.
The Apps suite makes it a very powerful and efficient office automation tool. We have most recently installed Google Apps for two of our clients, so they now use Gmail for their branded corporate email and the Calendar for tracking and scheduling events and meetings.

Feel free to check out Atmosphere 2010 here: