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New Website Launch - Princeton Castle Resort

Monday, August 09, 2010

princeton_portfPrinceton Castle Resort has been an exciting and challenging web development project for several reasons.

Our team managed the project entirely by remote communication. We had never met the client until we traveled to Princeton for the final client training and the project launch.

The development time of the website was very tight in order to get the site ready before the main season starts. Also, we had to counterbalance the lack of quality photos by creating rich graphic design for the website.

We have successfully achieved and in some ways even exceeded the goals of the project. We managed to meet the very tight time schedule as the website design and development work was completed within 5 weeks! Beside the compliments we have been receiving from Castle Resort and some of the customers, crucial piece of evidence for the success of the site comes from the web analytics.

After couple of weeks, we see from the analytics that site visitors spend considerably longer time on the site than before, browsing through the pages, and the bounce rate (rate of the visitors who leave the site right away after clicking on it) decreased significantly. Also, people calling to make reservations regularly state that they are calling, because they have seen and liked the website.