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New Website Launch - TrainingFX

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

trfx_portfTrainingFX is a two phase web development project. We have certainly been very excited about the project, as Internet marketing is key to TrainingFX's business strategy.

According to the owner, investing in the Internet is the best way to go about executing the growth objectives of TrainingFX.

In phase one, which was the re-design and development of an old WordPress site, we created a new, glitzy and sharp on-line image for TrainingFX.

The marketing objectives of the new website are three-fold:

  • Position website for strong search engine ranking, which would be generating high Internet traffic, by creating a platform that is capable to accommodate a large volume of content.
  • Set-up conversion architecture that efficiently converts visitors. (The old website generated a relatively good level of internet traffic, but it had very poor conversion rates due to poor navigation and design flows.) The website must appeal to three different type of athletes, (cyclists, triathletes and CrossFit athletes) who are the core customers of the business. It has to appeal to different needs of the athletes, such as clothing and equipment, lab testing, nutritional advice and products, performance tracking and coaching.
  • A website which supports community building around the TrainingFX brand among potential customers.

We built the new site on Joomla platform utilizing some of the newest components such as the award winning K2, which is designed to display and manage large volumes of pages in a user friendly Internet magazine style.

Joomla has been an excellent choice for the project. It offers the user-friendliness of WordPress in the back-end, but it also offers a much more robust solution for content structure than WordPress. Even though in phase one, we did not re develop the old online store, we had to create a three level product catalogue to provide an adequate and intuitive navigation structure.

As part of the Conversation Architecture, we designed a set of web 2.0 style icons and call-to-action banners. We also set up a multi-user blog platform that feeds the blog entries of TrainingFX's athletes to Product Reviews, Testimonials and Moments of Glory.

A large part of the content on the site is the FAQ section. The questions are channeled by Joomla's K2 tagging system to the product pages in a way so that only the relevant FAQs are displayed on the given page. To give a sense of the volume of information we structured and uploaded, the site was launched containing over 300 pages.

Phase one of has been a very challenging but very rewarding project. Completing the website on time, within the very tight project timeline of ten weeks, was a significant achievement on its own. We have been receiving awesome feedback ever since the site was launched. We are looking forward to starting the phase two of the project, which is the redevelopment of the online store and automating the various processes - payment, shipping, fulfilment, inventory control and bookkeeping. Once this project is completed, it will be a superior business solution and one of the most prominent online stores of its kind in North America.