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Internet Marketing Plan & Strategy

Creating an Internet Marketing Plan is a crucial step to launching a successful website or web marketing project. Important questions to ask:

  • Who are your clients and customers? Who is your target market?
  • What do you want your online visitors to do on your website?
  • What is your Unique Selling Proposition? What are the strengths of your service and product offering?
  • Who is your competition? Why should your customer choose you over your competition?

Online strategy

The above questions are all important to be mapped out in detail in the Internet Marketing Plan.

Our comprehensive approach includes all the essential factors which define how your business performs and how to significantly improve your bottom-line profitability.

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How can you achieve your goals and reach the maximum level of conversion in your Internet marketing program?

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The online strategy defines what are the most effective channels to generate online visibility for your brand. We give you a step-by-step strategy on how to use the Internet to better inform and engage your customers.


Search marketing plan

Are you ready to grow your company, explore new markets and beat your competition? Unlike any other marketing media, search marketing engages with your clients at the exact moment they are actively searching for your product and service. It gives unparalleled level of efficiency to your marketing investment compared to the traditional push marketing. As part of the plan, we establish how your customers search for your services and products online. We identify the terms and keywords they are using when they are potentially ready to make contact and do business with you. Mapping out the behaviour of your prospects is the very basis of a successful lead generation program.

Website analysis and conversion analysis

Website analytics allows us to gain insight and understanding of the real day-to-day performance of your website. In turn this enables us to make changes based on objective, accurate evidence that leads to watershed improvements in conversion rates and ROI. Learn more about our Google Analytics and Conversion Analytics.

Website architecture and planning

Understanding what is the best technology for your business and what are the technical resources required for your specific business needs is incredibly important. Our experienced development team identifies and plans with you all the necessary technical elements and features for your project to ensure it effectively supports the rest of the Internet Marketing Plan.

User experience

Our user experience analysis focuses on understanding your visitor's needs. It maps out your customer's online experience and journey in order to create an effective user-centred-design and navigation structure that delivers maximum conversion rate for your business.

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