Air Passenger Rights

Website Development

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  • The Client: Air Passenger Rights
  • Website Address:
  • Services: Website Development
  • Industry: Non-Profit
  • Location: Halifax, NS


Air Passenger Rights is a Canadian non-profit advocacy group.

To create a website offering updated and comprehensive information on the consumer rights of air passengers, the Canadian advocacy group Air Passenger Rights approached Exquison Marketing for a custom-designed solution.

The organization, which is frequently featured in the media and has a community of active Facebook followers, envisions the site as a go-to portal for air passengers, lawyers and journalists seeking information, news commentary and community support.


Fully bilingual, English-French, website with a robust content structure

Easy to navigate, searchable detailed guidance and legal reference on air passenger rights disputes and cases

News section with the latest air passenger rights-related stories and media appearances of the organization

The new website has assisted the organization to cement its mark as the top air passenger rights advocacy group in Canada