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Whether you’re new to eCommerce or currently have an online store we can help take your online business to the next level. At Exquison, we provide e-Commerce shopping solutions to both small and medium size companies that want to sell their products and services online.

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E-Commerce has become a standard competitive requirement for retailers.

Shoppers expect to have e-Commerce solution from their favourite brands and expect to have and exciting, satisfying shopping experience. Shoppers go online before shopping to:

  • Find local off-line and online stores offering the desired product
  • Compare prices and product choices
  • Review & research products
  • Find good deals

Features and benefits of Exquison e-Commerce solutions:

  • Automated customer service letting your customers shop 24/7
  • Online store that reaches global and international customers
  • Affordable solution for smaller businesses
  • Robust and scalable online store for big operations
  • Unlimited number of products
  • Sales campaign management
  • Cross- and up-sale by related and other well-liked products
  • Automated credit card processing, shopping confirmation and invoicing
  • Inventory system management integration
  • State of the art SSL security technology
  • Easy and efficient management of your online store
  • Customizable shopping cart & shipping modules
  • Advanced customer service options such as product reviews and customer accounts
  • Formidable search marketing set-up
  • Analytics to track the performance of your online store
  • and much more...

Are you ready for the challenge? Contact Exquison to learn what online e-commerce options are available for your business and to boost your bottom-line!


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