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New Google+ Feature: Vanity URL

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Google + Team just announced the roll-out of the new feature that will enable us to shorten URLs of your Google+ account in the following fashion: +TOYOTA.

The roll-out hasn't reached us here in Vancouver yet, but we will keep a close eye on the process and will keep you posted, so we can update our clients' Google+ accounts as soon as the service is available.

Your competitor might have just created a nifty, new, mobile-friendly website and now you may be considering how to proceed with your own mobile site. To help you with the planning process below, we summarized the mobile site development best practices..

Mobile device based internet usage has been growing steadily and irrepressibly. The Analytics data of some of our client's websites, in consistence with statistical reports, is showing that the ratio of the mobile traffic within the total traffic hovers around 20%.

Having completed a month long testing of CloudFlare, a content distribution network (CDN), we decided to go ahead and activate it on some of our live sites.