And this begs the question, how do you decrease the possibility of your competition luring away your lead? You have already paid Google for the chance of having a new potential customer introduced to your business. Letting your competition take away your customer would waste your marketing $.

Remind your audience about your business

Well, while you cannot stop your competition's advertising and cannot stop your prospective customer from going and checking out your competition, you have a way to influence your customers beyond the time they leave your website. Remarketing is designed to give you the power to influence and remind your audience about your business after visiting your website, increasing the chances that they will become paying customers.

For most PPC campaigns, adding and deploying a professionally designed remarketing campaign boosts the advertising performance and the overall ROI. With a well-set-up campaign, remarketing clicks tend to be relatively affordable, making it possible to increase the cost efficiency of your PPC campaign by as much as 10 to 25%.