Website Conversion Audit

Looking to make your website work for your business but don't know where to start? Our conversion audit will answer your questions and lay down a clear path for mending your website, so it starts generating inquiries, phone calls and foot traffic.

This audit is for you if :

  • Your website is not generating leads, inquiries, foot traffic or sales,
  • You have a professionally designed and developed website AND
  • You have received traffic to your website by advertising and promoting your company.

Note: If you are unsure about your website's traffic, our digital marketing audit may be a more appropriate option for your business - connect with us for a free initial consultation to find out more about this option.

Fix your website once and for all

Yes, your website, as we say, should be your best salesperson. Our tried and tested audit will give you a clear roadmap to making your website do its job.

The audit works in three steps:

  • Exploration: we will send you a set of questions and then interview you to learn everything about your sales and marketing goals and your competition. We will also collect information about your website and online marketing initiatives.
  • Analysis: we will thoroughly examine your Analytics stats, run technical tests, and collect competitive market intelligence and benchmark information.
  • Report and feedback: we will create and present you with the Conversion Audit Report assessing the website's key aspects that drive its conversion performance. The report also addresses the deficiencies identified and offers detailed steps and strategies for making your website your company's star salesperson.
 The digital marketing agency's manager presents the results of a website conversion audit.