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  • The Client: Deans Knight
  • Website Address:
  • Services: Web Design & Development
  • Industry: Financial Services
  • Location: Vancouver, BC


Deans Knight, established in 1993, is an independent asset management firm offering equity and fixed income investment funds. The company's clients are Canadian institutions and high net worth families.

Deans Knight, after its inception, established itself as one of Vancouver’s premier wealth management companies. As the founding partners gradually withdrew from the business, the company has expanded its clientele by offering asset management solutions designed for institutions and foundations. Due to of the changing clientele, Deans Knight has decided to overhaul its branding as well as completely renew its website.

Working with the client, we refined the font styling of the logo and chose a new brand colour. For the website, based on the refreshed branding, a new look and content structure was developed reflecting on the key tenets of the company - delivering superior results through extensive research and differentiated insights to the company’s exclusive circle of clientele.

Deans Knight Investment company webdesign


Logo and branding refresh.

Complete website refresh and design update using the client’s new logo. A new brand colour and font styling were introduced creating an elegant and confident look.

The content structure put in place was designed to enable flexible future growth of the website .

One of the strategic highlights of the website is the team page, a stylish showcase of the company’s talents, a driving force behing its success.

A geo-IP-driven content switcher was installed ensuring that a special version of the content renders when customers visit the website from the USA. This is to meet certain stipulations of the US financial regulator that do not apply to Canadian customers.