Conversion Management
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Conversion Management starts by defining your business goals and target market. It ensures that every element of your website is focused on one goal: to turn your visitors into customers.

These elements include: persuasive copy, design segmentation to appeal to the main groups of your customers, compelling call to action presentation, intuitive navigation structure and online presentation tools like photo and video galleries. Every feature and every element of your website comes together in supporting the single ultimate goal of converting the online visitors to paying customers.

All business websites must have a persuasive power

Conversion Management is the cornerstone of the Exquison team's work philosophy.

Developing your site with Conversion Management in mind will result in a multiplied number of online visitors doing what you want them to do – whether that is sending you an estimate request, calling the phone of your salesman, signing up for your newsletter.

Effective implementation of Conversion Management is the secret to reap exceptional results for your marketing investment!

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Are you wasting money on website traffic that doesn't convert?

Return on investment and conversion has always been more important than traffic. Bringing 1,000 visitors to your website each day means nothing unless they're engaging with your business in one form or other. Likewise, if you're using Pay-Per-Click to generate traffic, you must be able to monetize that traffic.

By using web analytics tools and benchmarks based assessment we determine how well your website is performing -- whether you are getting a competitive return on your marketing investment for your business and how to maximize your conversion rate.

What is a 'conversion rate'?

Conversion rate = percentage of online website visitors that take a desired action.

This typically means the percentage of people that become your customers.

Conversion Management by Exquison means maximum level of conversion rates:

  • Estimate requests
  • Phone calls to your sales team
  • Online applications
  • Membership or newsletter sign-ups
  • People downloading your coupon

Think of your website as your premium sales tool

Whether your online goal is to have more visitors call you, send you an estimate request or buy something from you online, you can always think of your website as your primary marketing vehicle.

Remember that every click on your site is a potential step towards conversion. Visitor experience with every click on your site should build confidence until your visitor's final click where they turn into leads or customers. We monitor and measure your website's performance and make continuous improvements to ensure maximum level of visitor satisfaction and user experience. This will improve your conversion rate and make your digital marketing investment profitable.

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