Website Reporting & Analytics

With web analytics it is possible to track the performance of your marketing investment in great detail. We will assess, analyze and report the performance of your marketing campaigns in order to achieve best results.

  • Is your marketing campaign generating profit for your business?
  • Is your marketing budget well spent?

These questions may be difficult to answer for a traditional marketing mix however digital marketing and web analytics has changed all of this. In order to understand how effective your website is performing it is essential for you to have a web analytics report up and running on your site. Otherwise the time and money you’ve invested in your marketing program could be wasted.

Is your website doing its job?

With our web analytics reporting, we will show you all the critical details of your website performance. We custom tailor the reports according to your specific needs, so you’ll receive all the crucial performance indicators.

  • How well your website engages visitors
  • What your visitors are interested in and which keywords draw them to your site
  • Performance of your online marketing campaigns
  • The conversion rate of your site – the percentage of your visitors who request an estimate, give you a call or download your coupon
  • The strongest elements of your website and which parts require further improvement
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What is included in the Web Analytics program?

  • Professional installation of Google Analytics on your website
  • Integration of your AdWords account & Webmaster Tools
  • Conversion and goal tracking
  • Customized reports

If you already have Google Analytics installed to your website, we’ll conduct a complimentary review of your data. If you don’t have Google Analytics, we’ll provide you a basic installation. Contact us today for your initial consultation.




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