Firefox 4.0 - Better visual experience and snappier loading

The rivalry between web browsers to woo customers with the best online experience recently got even fiercer. In the last 18 months Mozilla Firefox, the long time runner­­-up to Internet Explorer, faced serious competition from Opera and Chrome. Both of these browsers gained the reputation for being ultra-fast, yet sturdy.

New Firefox web browser raises the bar for the quality of websites

Firefox finally answered the challenge on March 22 with the release of its new browser, Firefox 4.0. Within 24 hours of being released the new browser had 9.5 million downloads worldwide. The expectations are certainly high. Reading through the first reviews and doing my own quick testing prove that Firefox has the power to turn up the heat on the competition.

For Windows users, the speed is definitely there in the new Firefox. Equally important is that users who had to compromise with a smaller browser screen in order to use Firefox’s feature-rich add-on tool bars, no longer have to make that concession. Firefox has managed to compact its header so that even if you’re using the main add-ons and Google toolbars, you can access all the features on a screen that is only a few pixel shorter than the super tall Chrome browser.

Another important development is that Firefox 4.0 is now a fully HTML 5 capable browser. Improvements to minor functions like switching on and off the add-on toolbar with a short-cut key further reinforces the virtues of the updated Firefox.

The new Firefox browser definitely provides one of the best visual experiences on the web and its impressive performance marks a hugely important trend. Even as the Internet technology continues to improve, web users expect an increasingly high level of visual experience on the internet.