How to Budget for Your Website and Internet Marketing Program

Have you made the decision to have a professional website built and reap the benefits of a powerful Internet marketing program for your business.

Is it expensive? How much can I expect to pay? It always depends on business goals. In any case, your website plays an increasingly important role  in marketing your business.

When creating your business website there are many tempting shortcuts.You can use an off-the-shelf template. The downside is that a template will never be able to represent the true personality of your business.

Your business is unique, and your visitors expect design and presentation to reflect your brand and your Unique Selling Proposition.

Can I build my website on my own?

There have been tools developed and made available online that make it easy to create basic, DIY websites. In most cases however, they don't provide important functions you need in order to make your website an effective marketing tool. Without a content management system, you are never going to be able to update and refresh your content, consequently search engines will rank your site poorly. No one will find your website so why bother building it.

How do I select the right web development company?

You can also hire individuals globally who offer very low rates. However, in our own personal experience, a successful website and Internet marketing solution demands a local team who communicates regularly with you and who have a vested interest in your success. A long term working relationship works best.

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What should I budget for my search marketing program?

In most cases, the other large element for your Internet marketing program is the search engine marketing program. Search marketing, whether it is a search engine optimization program or sponsored link campaign, is simply not a short term project. Pricing will vary, depending on whom you are talking to. Service providers, most of the time, charge a set monthly fee for their work. What it takes to be successful for your search engine marketing campaign depends on the unique circumstances of your company on the Internet. There are rarely two similar cases. We will always consider all circumstances and customize our quotes by having a thoroughly mapped out plan which determines how much work is necessary in order to see concrete results for your business.

At Exquison Marketing, we believe that the real value of the Internet marketing solution lies not with the website, but with the tremendous benefits for your company: conversion and volume of new business it attracts.

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