How to Get a Professional Website for Your Business

There must be careful considerations before you set out to have your business website built.There is an overwhelmingly wide range of choices and technical solutions available from various vendors.

  • Should I have my own IT expert create a solution?
  • Should I contract an Internet marketing company or a marketing agency?
  • Should I try to do it all on my own?

To answer these questions, it's important to first define your specific business goals. Your website, an integral part of your business and your marketing strategy, can serve several different functions.It could serve as a direct response advertising tool or as a brand builder.

It could also fulfill various online customer service functions as well as an online storefront for your business. In all likelihood, you are probably looking for a mix of these functionalities.

Do I need professional help?

Internet and computing is a fast evolving technology. There are several tools made available online that makes it easy to create basic, DIY websites for those who have the patience and ease with computers. While those solutions may be a good solution as a learning project for friends and family, they very likely will not impress your customers nor generate a fraction of the business of a professionally developed business website. Creating a business website requires professional expertise in several different disciplines.

How to find the right professional website development service

A professional website development company must have experience and expertise in both search marketing and search engine optimization. In developing a dynamic business website, there are four key points to consider:

  • Graphic design
  • Advanced coding experience to support and meet graphic design, search engine optimization, website functionality and security requirements
  • Creative web copy writing
  • Internet marketing project management to ensure every small part of your website is focusing on the overall goal, which is providing the edge for your business online.

When you conduct your selection process, ask whether the vendor has these credentials. Ask for references and carefully examine the vendors' portfolio and whether the vendor has experience in creating similar solutions. Finally, verify whether the vendor is willing to give a detailed estimate, setting out the scope and timeline of the project. Lack of proper documentation can lead to miscommunication or serious costly misunderstandings.

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