Mobile websites for improved user experience and better conversion

Mobile device based internet usage has been growing steadily and irrepressibly. The Analytics data of some of our client's websites, in consistence with statistical reports, is showing that the ratio of the mobile traffic within the total traffic hovers around 20%.

In respect to certain segments of the overall internet traffic the mobile traffic has a significantly higher proportion. When visitors arrive to websites from company newsletters, they are using mobile phones over 66% of the! Also, if the visitors are coming from social media sites, Facebook, Twitter and Google+, over 50% of the time the visitors are using mobile devices. There is one traffic segment, where the proportion of the smart phone traffic is 100%. That is the growing segment of the QR code traffic. (See an article on why QR Code usage is growing exponentially.)

The bottom line is that the number of visitors using mobile devices to visit your website mandates some questions. Do you mobile visitors have the the same level of user experience browsing your website as if they were browsing your website on a non-mobile device? Does your website have the same capability to convert visitors on a mobile device as on a desktop or laptop?

To answer those questions, one may need to consider how smart phones are working and what are the expectations of the smart phone internet visitors. Although smart phone technology is developing at an astonishing speed, their speed to render information and images and to load webpages, compared to non-mobile computer devices, is significantly slower. The cost of mobile browsing may be also an important factor impacting the behaviour of mobile users. Also, navigating through a website takes much more effort for a visitor on a mobile device. What takes a couple of clicks to navigate from one point to another on a non-mobile device, may take several scrolls, zoom pinches and screen rotations on a mobile device.

Based on the earlier considerations one may jump to the conclusion that every website should have a mobile version. We don't think that it is a good investment to get a mobile site in every case.

To determine weather a mobile website is right for your business we use Google Analytics to see how many people are visiting your website on a mobile device and how those visitors are interacting with your website.