New Google+ Feature: Vanity URL

Google + Team just announced the roll-out of the new feature that will enable us to shorten URLs of your Google+ account in the following fashion: +TOYOTA.

The roll-out hasn't reached us here in Vancouver yet, but we will keep a close eye on the process and will keep you posted, so we can update our clients' Google+ accounts as soon as the service is available.

Following is the excerpt from the Google announcement:

"Your Google+ profile is a place for you to share your passions with the millions of people who come to Google each day. Whether you're a clothing brand showing off your latest fashions (, an athlete talking about the game (, or an actor recalling a favorite role (, your Google+ profile helps you connect with the people who share your interests.

Today we're introducing custom URLs to make it even easier for people to find your profile on Google+.

A custom URL is a short, easy to remember web address that links directly to your profile or page on Google+. For instance, +TOYOTA can now to unveil their latest models, +Britney Spears can share her upcoming appearances at, +Ubisoft can share game trailers and videos at, and +Delta can help travellers find great deals at "