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Google Ads helps you reach targeted leads. How does it work?

When a person searches for keywords specific to your business, your site will rank high in the paid advertising section of Google. This means visitors searching for your products or services can easily find your business, immediately resulting in a marked increase in targeted traffic to your site – people who are interested in purchasing what you have to offer.

If you would like to get more out of your current Google Ads campaigns, let us help you to achieve the results you want and the return on investment you deserve. Whether you’re a local, regional or national brand, and no matter the size of your monthly ad budget, we know how to make your Ads campaigns work to accomplish your goals.

What to expect from professional Google Ads management services?

  • Improved quality score and increased conversions
  • Instant traffic of visitors interested in your products and services
  • Search engine listings that are highly appealing to your customers and will make them click on your ad
  • Strictly controlled budget
  • Advanced targeting
  • Goal tracking & reporting
  • Optimized Ads results: you'll get the maximum level of qualified visitor traffic for your specific budget
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Our AdWords Management Process

Create Strategy

We start the process by studying your business and objectives as well as the competition. We follow up with brainstorming sessions to create the best strategy to achieve your goals. This allows us to emphasize your unique selling propositions, areas of call-to-action and key marketing messages, the elements that will drive your campaign.

Research & Setup

In preparation for starting your campaign, our certified Google AdWords professional ensures that the basic building blocks are in place. A methodically created keyword list, tactical competitor analysis, campaign structure and bidding strategy coupled with engaging ad copy and visuals will go a long way in ensuring the success of your campaign.

Develop Landing Pages

When customers click through your ads, they expect to see information that is closely tailored to their interests. To meet this expectation, we create landing pages on your website that speak to the needs of your audience, thereby generating the most leads possible.

Set Up Tracking

Measuring the performance of the campaign requires setting up professionally configured Google Analytics and Google Search Console. As part of the setup, we create online conversion goals, define key performance indicators and design reporting templates.

Optimize Performance

By measuring key performance indicators such as the click-through-rates, quality scores, conversion rates, and adjusting the ads, landing pages and campaign settings, we make sure that your campaigns deliver a positive ROI.

Remarketing & Promotions

Campaigns work best when they are aligned with promotions and offerings to create engagement and a sense of urgency. We fine-tune your campaigns to work in sync with seasonal specials and deals that can boost conversion rates. We also follow up with remarketing ads that remind your customers of your products or services.

We drive the right traffic to your site

Anyone can set up a Google Ads campaign and begin driving traffic to your site – it all depends on your budget. It is more important to drive the right kind of traffic to your site - people who are ready to engage with you and your company.

Google wants you to spend as much money as quickly as possible. At Exquison Marketing in Vancouver, we invest your marketing dollars wisely and carefully. With many years of digital marketing experience under our belt, we get you the biggest bang for your buck for maximum business results.

Our approach seems obvious but in practice it requires two significant skills: advanced expertise of both Google Ads AND Google Analytics.

Why is Google Analytics important for your Ads campaign?

A comprehensive analysis of your Ads traffic and whether the campaign is performing well or not is a crucial component of your marketing plan. With this vital information, we are able to greatly improve your results and return on investment.
Google designed and built Google Analytics precisely for this work and therefore it's the best tool to gain real insight into your Adwords campaigns and how best to manage them.

Contact us for a complimentary consulation and Google Ads quote, and start driving traffic and new customers to your website.

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    "We have been working with Tom and Krista of Exquison for six years now. We have found them to be very professional and approachable in our dealings with Exquison. They have improved our ranking with Google and visibility on the Internet. I would not hesitate to recommend Exquison for web development and marketing."

    Adrienne Woolfries
    Owner - Citrus Catering
    Rating of Exquison Marketing: 5 Star Rating: Excellent

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    Our Happy Clients

    "Everyone is loving the playful, yet professional vibe of my website. I've had so much positive feedback from my customers about the website. Thank you so much. It's perfect!"

    Carolyn Lundie
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    Our Happy Clients

    "We have been a client since September 2010 and anticipate our relationship to continue in the future. We are delighted to make this recommendation for Exquison Marketing. They are always considerate and professional in the maintenance and creation of our website. Most importantly, the growth in our company has certainly increased due to their expertise."

    Garry & Patrice Lozon
    Owners - Cottage Carpets
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    Our Happy Clients

    "I'm writing to thank you for your impressive design for the Cocoon Wellness website. Hiring Exquison Marketing was the best investment I have ever made! Six months later, my mobile massage business remains – very impressively - on the top of the first page of Google for Vancouver. The number of new inquiries has also increased substantially. Amazing!"

    Giselle Nagy
    Owner - Cocoon Wellness
    Rating of Exquison Marketing: 5 Star Rating: Excellent




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