Online Reputation Management

Take control of what people are saying about you online. Consumers have turned to social media sites to gather information and to actively participate in virtual social communities. Social media consists of much more than Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Even if these are some of the biggest social media players, there are countless other websites and portals where content and information is generated by Internet users and consumers.

One of the most important segments of social media management is reputation management

Social Media is an incredibly vibrant, dynamic space. There are a plethora of social media portals that are competing for the attention of users. Many of them are targeting audiences who turn to social media to collect feedbacks, tips and recommendations of other users for companies and services.

For example, if you are a local service provider in Vancouver, you may find reviews of your services on a host of different portals such as Yelp, Facebook, Google My Business, Homestars or Houzz.

It is critical for your business to understand the key messages circulating about your company.

  • As a first step of the online reputation management service, we analyse and map out which portals internet users seek for gathering info and feedback on companies in your industry. Being included in those portals are free most of the time; nevertheless, not having a profile set-up means the visitors of those portals can only choose your competition.
  • The next step for reputation management is much more delicate. Once your profile is set up on the relevant portals, we will design ways to encourage your customers to enter feedback on your services. The profile with the most reviews always receives the most attention! We can track down, collect and analyse information internet users/customers are sharing about you.

Social media portal reviews on your company serve as a crucial feedback loop for your business enabling you to understand how customers perceive your service.

In some rare cases, we may experience malicious and unfair entries against your company. We devise an efficient counter strategy to neutralize the undesired publicized information to mitigate the negative impact on your company. It is important to note that once you experience malicious activity against your brand, you keep your cool and don't react hastily. Trying to tackle the bad information head-on can be very risky. Because of the nature of social media, your reputation can be only established or restored by your customers. Call Exquison Marketing for an emergency consultation.

Reminder: the definition of social media is user generated media!

One of social media's primary functions for companies is to provide a window in which they can listen to what other people are saying about them -- good or bad! In the long run, with consistent work and genuine contribution to the conversations, you can establish yourself as a trusted authority and reputable expert of your field.




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