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Internet users make billions of searches every day, using search engines to look for products and services, product information and customer reviews. In the Vancouver Lower Mainland, this equals several million searches a day and the volume continues to grow by 15% annually.

  • Do people searching for the products and services you offer end up contacting you or show up at the doorstep of your store?
  • Does your website generate organic traffic? Do customers find you on the Internet?
  • Does your website generate calls, inquires and sales?

Exquison’s search marketing team is here to help you to make a plan that will ensure your website performs as a strategic lead generation and business development tool…and not just as an idle digital brochure.

Expert organic search program management

We apply decades of experience and knowledge of best practices to install and continuously update your organic search marketing strategy. This in turn has a positive impact on the bottom line of your business.

  • Inherently perfect targeting. Prospective customers will find you right at the time they want to buy or order.
  • Improved ranking and increased traffic to your website. The right search marketing plan generates traffic to your website and creates visibility for your company.
  • A highly efficient marketing strategy. Over the long term, the investment required for a successful organic search program tends to be significantly lower than the cost of other advertising options.
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Our SEO Program Includes

Strategic Planning

To create the right foundation for the SEO program, we complete a thorough business case and competitive analysis. Following this, we establish the key elements that will drive the success of your campaign.

Content Development

Content is one of the most important factors driving the success of your search marketing program. Therefore, by methodically executing a conversion-focused content development program, we make sure your website has a robust content structure, fresh, informative and compelling web copy as well as engaging visuals and photos.

Conversion Management

Business websites often fail to deliver results because of their weak conversion performance. To boost the conversion of your website, we highlight your company’s unique selling propositions, call-to-action presentations and competitive advantages. Plus, we work continuously to improve the user experience.

Promotion Management

Customers are always looking for new offerings and deals. To support the growth of your customer base, we establish and maintain an annual marketing calendar for your seasonal offerings and deals. We also assist in implementing your customer loyalty and referral programs to keep your clientele loyal to your brand.

Performance Optimization

Each second that you save on the load time of your website can mean keeping hundreds of your online visitors. To provide your potential clients with the best user experience, we monitor and continuously adjust the configuration of your website, using advanced solutions, such as Content Development Networks.

Tracking & Reporting

Tracking the performance of your search marketing program is a key factor in its success. We set up Analytics and key performance indicators to ensure that information is available for the continuous improvement of your program. Regular reporting ensures that you and your team are also kept in the loop.

Our holistic search engine optimization service delivers leads & sales

We truly believe that SEO should be about sales, not just traffic. Merely having better rankings or more traffic sounds promising, but often this doesn't translate into paying customers.
We improve your search engine listings from the outset by concentrating on delivering paying customers. This approach makes our services different than the rest.

Contact us today to discuss how to increase your bottom line with our professional search engine marketing services.

As a professional search engine optimization company we provide:

  • An increase in qualified leads…guaranteed
  • Significant exposure to your target audience and community
  • Greater online visibility
  • Professional and white hat search engine marketing strategy and program
  • Engaging and original web copy
  • Continuous monitoring of your results & implementation of improvements


How does organic optimization compare to AdWords and paid advertising?

AdWords and other paid advertising such as Bing, Facebook and Instagram have the advantage of being deployed in a short period of time. While they need to go through optimization in order to produce good results, they start creating visibility for your company on day one.

Organic optimization is a long-term strategy that tends to be much more cost-effective in the long run than other advertising options.

What does it mean that organic optimization is a highly effective marketing strategy?

It means three things.

One. Through organic optimization, your company’s visibility grows without paying to use an advertising platform such as Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising or Bing.

Two. Experience shows that in the long run organic optimization often generates more traffic and leads than paid advertising marketing campaigns on Google, Facebook, etc.

Three. To a large extent, your investment in organic search marketing is not an additional cost to your other marketing programs. Instead, it is the other way around. Having an organic optimization program is fundamental to the success of any marketing campaign. Optimizing the conversion of your website and improving customer experience drives the organic optimization which, in turn, has a positive impact on the results of all your other marketing activities.

What are the key factors that drive the success of organic optimization?

There are two main factors for achieving success with website organic optimization. The publicity the website receives on the Internet and the level of user experience provided by the website.

The first factor, publicity, is easier to describe. Search engines work extremely well in collecting and assessing every bit of information published on the Internet. They take note and give credit if you are mentioned, for example, by a high-profile publication. Credit in this case is given in the form of improved search engine ranking.

The second factor is a more complex concept. Search engines, and in particular Google, collect and analyse vast amounts of information on how users interact with websites. Based on this data, Google assesses and scores every website on how well the site is received when a user finds it by googling a search term. In other words, the search engine scores your website on how well the user experiences it and whether it meets the expectations of your online visitors.

How can I improve user experience and search engine ranking of my website?

Besides generating publicity, improving search engine ranking for a business website comes down to setting up and executing a well thought out marketing program.

An organic optimization plan that skilfully marries form (pleasing visuals, compelling copy, informative and well-structured content, high-quality images); substance (your unique selling proposition, competitive advantages and credentials); and function (fast website rendering site) provides optimal user experience and the likelihood that prospective clients to your website will select your offerings over the competition.

Is the saying content is king still valid?

Yes, it is. Content is one of the biggest factors through which you can influence how well your website creates visibility and generates leads for your company.

Content marketing has changed from 10 years ago, and the role of keywords has gradually diminished in the organic optimization process. Nowadays, the right marketing direction combined with well written copy and unique, high quality visuals attract Internet users and work well with Google.

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    "We have been working with Tom and Krista of Exquison for six years now. We have found them to be very professional and approachable in our dealings with Exquison. They have improved our ranking with Google and visibility on the Internet. I would not hesitate to recommend Exquison for web development and marketing."

    Adrienne Woolfries
    Owner - Citrus Catering
    Rating of Exquison Marketing: 5 Star Rating: Excellent

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    Our Happy Clients

    "Everyone is loving the playful, yet professional vibe of my website. I've had so much positive feedback from my customers about the website. Thank you so much. It's perfect!"

    Carolyn Lundie
    Owner - YogaButtons Studio
    Rating of Exquison Marketing: 5 Star Rating: Excellent

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    Our Happy Clients

    "We have been a client since September 2010 and anticipate our relationship to continue in the future. We are delighted to make this recommendation for Exquison Marketing. They are always considerate and professional in the maintenance and creation of our website. Most importantly, the growth in our company has certainly increased due to their expertise."

    Garry & Patrice Lozon
    Owners - Cottage Carpets
    Rating of Exquison Marketing: 5 Star Rating: Excellent

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    Our Happy Clients

    "I'm writing to thank you for your impressive design for the Cocoon Wellness website. Hiring Exquison Marketing was the best investment I have ever made! Six months later, my mobile massage business remains – very impressively - on the top of the first page of Google for Vancouver. The number of new inquiries has also increased substantially. Amazing!"

    Giselle Nagy
    Owner - Cocoon Wellness
    Rating of Exquison Marketing: 5 Star Rating: Excellent




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